Fieldworks | 2013-Present 

Fieldworks coalesced in 2015 aroundfaculty and students in the School of Visual Arts at the University ofOklahoma. An initiative, it conducts fieldwork, does research, maintains anarchive, produces images, writes, exhibits, publishes, gives talks, and teaches.To date, travel in arid regions of the western United States has been one majorimpetus to these activities. Another has been a desire to comprehend better theartistry by which human beings transform nature. In accordance with recognitionthat our species understands what it is doing and why it is doing it ratherbadly, Fieldworks puts before itself traces of humanity’s diverse practices —mostly places and things — and considers them as evidence of artfulness usinginterpretative procedures drawn from various disciplines, both creative andscholarly, in order to produce knowledge about the distance that peopleestablish between what they do and their understanding of what they do. Thiswork gets carried out in an open-ended way in accordance with occasion andopportunity, gradually accruing and mediating provisional experiences,ephemeral orientations, conditional records, unique claims, and singularinsights. Its conclusions are, as is to be expected, inconclusive, presented toothers in a spirit of reciprocal questioning and answering, partaking ofconversations about human purposes and aims amidst larger natural forces. Thoseconversations get drawn this way and that amidst transformations in space andtime too large or too small to measure precisely and control with anycertainty. Perhaps all of this obliqueness possesses some efficacy preciselyfor the light that it shines on our waywardness. Perhaps it can direct us well,reconcile madness to method.

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